We have taken our years of differential experience from racing, hill climbing, mud riding, sand riding, and trail riding, and poured it into designing, building, and providing you some of the most extreme differential performance parts in the available.  Our differential rebuild kits come complete with everything you need to rebuild your differential and give you peace of mind that you will not have to worry about it again.

Our upgraded differential rebuild kits come with everything you need to rebuild your differential to included:  billet sprague carrier loaded with new spring clips, upgraded and heat treated armature plate, upgraded billet spring return, and your choice of our HD or Xtreme Performance bearing and seals.  Stock or other aftermarket components just will not compare.  Install our kit and go hit the trails, hit the sand, or hit the rocks with peace of mind. If you demand quality and performance then look no further than our differential rebuild kits

Kit Includes:

  • Billet Sprague Carrier Complete with New Springs
  • Billet Spring Retainer
  • Machined and Hardened Armature Plate
  • Highest Quality & Highest Load Rated Bearings Available
  • Highest Quality & Thickest Double Lip Seals

Will Fit:
RZR RS1 – All Years
RZR Turbo S (2&4 Seat)- All Years
RZR Pro XP (2&4 Seat)  – All Years
RZR Turbo R (2&4 Seat) – All Years