Polaris Turbo 2/4 - Stage 4 ~ HP2 Kit (2017-2019)

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Polaris Turbo 2/4 - Stage 4 ~ HP2 Kit (2017-2019)

Dynojet RZR Turbo HP2 Kit

Developed in-house and put through rigorous testing our new high performance upgrade kit is guaranteed to boost your 2017-2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo to its maximum potential.

Consisting of only the highest quality components each kit contains:

  • Reconditioning of your factory turbocharger consisting of a rebalanced compressor and turbine housing, high-performance billet compressor wheel, exhaust turbine, new bearings, and seals.
  • Charge tube with an integrated blow-off valve
  • ICE-T (Intercooler Coolant Expansion Tank)
  • Clutch Kit
  • Power Vision CX with a custom tune.
  • Fuel Injectors

Kits are shipped without a turbocharger. Included is a form, packing material and instructions on how to send in your turbocharger to us. Upon receipt of receiving your turbocharger, the process time for reconditioning is estimated at 2 weeks. Each reconditioned turbocharger includes a 1-year warranty.



To start with, we machine your factory turbocharger compressor and turbine housing to make room for our high-performance billet compressor wheel and upgraded exhaust turbine. The result is a turbocharger that delivers a stock-like response, but has the lungs to create more boost with less back pressure and get this……cooler charge temps. Your turbocharger is fully reconditioned with new bearings, seals, and then balanced to ensure reliability for the long haul.

We’ll return your turbocharger back to you with all the nifty updates plus a new exhaust gasket and other related hardware to reinstall your upgraded turbocharger. (*2016 customers also receive a set of higher flowing injectors).

Now that the turbocharger can move a greater volume of air, we developed a product to deliver that air to the engine in a more effective manner. Since the only restriction between the turbocharger and the throttle bodies is the factory charge tube, you guessed it — on the quest for the best power, out it went.


The OEM charge tube is replaced with a large volume version that is designed to handle the elevated pressure. The tube is constructed of high quality aluminum and affixed via pre-cut/molded silicone couplers that are firmly clamped in place. This black powder coated charge tube will withstand higher boost pressures and promotes laminar airflow directly into the throttle body for “right now response”. The new charge tube includes a BOV (blow off valve) with a filter to keep dust, debris, and dirt out of the intake path, and most importantly out of your engine. The BOV inlet is welded directly to the aluminum section of the charge tube to eliminate another coupling point and ensure consistent boost is delivered. The factory BOV is prone to failure; it can crack, leak boost, and simply cannot withstand higher boost pressures….our version steps it up with quality construction and eliminates any concerns for failures. A flange for the OEM TMAP sensor is welded to the charge tube for easy installation and allows the ECM to keep tabs on your actual charge temperatures and boost levels.

So we’ve crossed off two check marks so far in obtaining the ultimate in performance – the turbo can move more air more efficiently at higher boost levels, and deliver it to the engine reliably via the improved charge tube.


The third item essential to the phenomenal performance of the Dynojet RZR Turbo HP2 kit is the Dynojet ICE-T (Intercooler Coolant Expansion Tank) which separates the engine coolant from intercooler coolant.  By keeping these separate, the intake temp is reduced by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit enabling the engine to produce full power longer before knock is sensed – thereby reducing your power to the ground after the ECU begins pulling timing. Colder air is denser than warm air and provides an engine with more molecules of Oxygen to consume per combustion cycle.

We’ll provide you with a beautifully assembled aluminum tank – with a cap large enough to dump ice cubes in it to really cool ‘er down for grudge matches– all mounting hardware, piping, and required clamps. Cool under pressure……redefined.

To ensure that this whole package is putting that wild increase in power directly to the ground, the XP Turbo needed some assistance in the clutching department.

Look no further than the Dynojet Clutch kits which are designed to be fully adjustable for your conditions or power output. The Dynojet RZR Turbo HP2 kit includes an easily installable clutch kit which optimizes shift and delivers unparalleled acceleration.

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Polaris Turbo 2/4 - Stage 4 ~ HP2 Kit (2017-2019)

Polaris Turbo 2/4 - Stage 4 ~ HP2 Kit (2017-2019)

$ 2,799.99

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